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Want to become a better writer?

June 23, 2014
10 steps to becoming a better writer

10 steps to becoming a better writer


The Truth of Fiction

March 17, 2014

I was reading about wisdom yesterday. And it seems to me that a lot of wisdom we gain, we do so through reading. And often, in good fiction, the author, by taking great pains over the crafting of the story, characters and how the story unfolds, make us experience vicariously what the character is experiencing. Is that experience less valuable than an actual experience we live through?

Miss Modernist

A young Hemingway in Paris. After a recent chain of events, I have come to the realization that we can no longer use the words real and true interchangeably. What is real may indeed have happened, but what is true is only what happens in the way that we remember. Say, perhaps, you spent your morning walking to the corner café at sunrise, watching the same nonchalant faces you see everyday—real enough of an event—but, looking back on it in the evening, the sun seems more of a painting than it was, the faces seem more of a backdrop than they were, and you seem more peaceful than you were back when it happened. This memory may not be as real as the event, but we know it to be true, because you were there, and you are here, and you are the one writing the story.

I daresay a good work of fiction is…

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Roderic Grigson: My Long Journey to Fiction

March 14, 2014

Excerpts from the speech made at the launch of his  first novel, Sacred Tears:
Read first chapters of Sacred Tears.

Sacred Tears Book Cover

Sacred Tears Book Cover

It’s been a long journey to get here. Never having written a book before, I had no idea what writing one would involve. I remember reading of a famous author having once said that ‘writing books is the closest men ever come to childbearing’.
Never having been in that position myself, I can say from observing the entire process, it seems a little bit like that. A lot of screaming and tears. Thankfully not a lot of blood.

The big difference is that producing a baby takes nine months. But writing a book takes much longer. It took me a total of two years to get to where I am today! One year to learn how to be a creative writer and another year to actually write and publish the book. Read the rest of this entry ?


Why Writers Must Assume their Readers are Intelligent

March 13, 2014


Wonder Sonder

A few weeks ago, I was reading through a number of  Paris Review interviews in search of clues as to how great writers view the crafting of their art. What emerged was an appreciating Jeffrey Eugenides’ crucial advice for aspiring writers :

I tell my students that when you write, you should pretend you’re writing the best letter you ever wrote to the smartest friend you have. That way, you’ll never dumb things down. You won’t have to explain things that don’t need explaining.

This seemingly innocuous advice pinpoints to a reality that many writers are acutely aware of: we live in a progressively technological world driven by attention competition, and therefore, in order to say anything of substance, we must act as though we know who we are speaking with, because this will allow us to say what we truly feel.

There are many things at play here: knowledge…

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First Chapters of Sri Lankan Books Online

August 30, 2009

Welcome Book Lovers!

Reading maketh a full man,
conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.
– Sir Francis Bacon, English author, courtier, & philosopher (1561 – 1626)

SriLanka Book Chapters will bring you first chapters of books published in Sri Lanka or books by Sri Lankan authors published elsewhere. For the most part.

With time, we will be adding book reviews as well.

We have done this before, through, but now no longer offer this feature. So all the first chapters published there will also be transferred here, giving you a wider choice.