Going Back and Forth in Time…

A post from the past (July 2005):

I have been having a great time going back and forth in time, the last two days. And in a wide range too, starting from 21 century to 17th and then all the way forward to 23rd. All because of the books I happened to be reading.

Sons of the Rebel by C Gaston Perera is a historical novel, set way back in the 17th century Ceylon. With Kandyan Kings, court intrigue, murders and Constantine de Saa, the Portugese Captain General.

It was quite interesting and well researched as well. It is written in such a way that it is hard to tell where fact ends and fiction begins. If you were too lazy (or are too lay now) to study your history, here’s a great way to catch up.

Exclamations and terms of endearment of the Sinhala people

With due regard to the author, what really tickled me were the Sinhala exclamations and endearments, written in English. Personally, I think they translated quite well.

“Deity my witness!” a character would exclaim. Half way through the book, I caught on and started reading “Deviyo Saakki” instead. And it made things so real.

There was a term “aunty-mother” for “nendamma” which I thought was cute too.

All in all, Deity, my witness! it was a good book and I had so much fun while re-learning things I had forgotten!

Carl Muller’s first Sci-fi, Exodus 2300 was a good read too. All the way from 17th to 23rd century was a bit of a skip, even for me. Still, no damage to my hardly utilized brain tissue.


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